​Schools Visited


Waterville Creates

The New School

Maine Inside Out

Kents Hill

Waynflete School

Mt. Blue High School


New Jersey

Hudson School



Haverford School

Agnes Irwin

Devon Prep

Westtown School

Abington Friends School

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

New York

Riverdale Country School



Pope John XXIII High School

Pingree School

Meadowbrook School

Fenn School

New Hampshire

Holderness School

Proctor Academy


Colchester Middle School

Essex High School


Taft School

The Gunnery

Rhode Island

Lincoln School

City Arts

Thompson Middle School

East Providence High School

Tiverton Middle School




Keynote Presentations

Our highly diverse and experienced teaching artists do keynote presentations and performances on a variety of topics related to racial inequality, segregation, mass incarceration, cultural appropriation, racial identity, gender/sexual identity, and intersectionality. We always tailor our keynote addresses the meet the needs of each educational community. All presentations start with a 5-20 minute interactive arts performance. Presentations are typically 30-90 minutes long.

Workshops with Students

Typically following or preceding a keynote presentation, our teaching artists lead multidisciplinary workshops on a variety of topics related to inequality and identity. All workshops include an arts section in Hip Hop/African dance, rap, and/or DJing, to build cultural capital with students, as well as engage them in the present moment. Workshops are typically 30-90 minutes long.

Workshops with Teachers

Our teaching artists are highly trained facilitators, and we often do mixed workshops with both students and teachers, as well as workshops and facilitated conversations solely with teachers. These are often about classroom racial dynamics and school culture, as well as gender/sexual identity and how to create safe and inclusive educational spaces.


​Schools We've  Partnered With


Waynflete School


Rhode Island

Central High School

The Met

Nowell Academy (Providence)

Nowell Academy (Central Falls)

Nathanael Greene Middle School

Paul Cuffee High School

Calcutt Middle School

E-Cubed Academy

Alvarez High School

Newcomers Academy

A Venture Academy



We build long term relationships with schools, doing multiple keynote presentations and workshops over a period of weeks or months, to introduce a variety of topics to school communities, and dive deeply into content with repeated classroom visits.

Cumulative Presentations

Over the course of many visits to a single school, our teaching artists do multiple keynote presentations, introducing a new topic each presentation in a cumulative manner that builds off of previously introduced content. All cumulative presentation plans are created in conjunction with each school to meet their educational and cultural needs   

Classroom Visits

At each school we build a long term partnership with, we work with specific classrooms chosen by each school community, to dig deeply into specific topics relating to inequality and identity. These visits culminate in long term projects and/or curriculum development with classrooms and teachers.

Workshops with Teachers

We do repeated workshops, trainings, and/or facilitated workshops with teachers on culturally responsive teaching, classroom racial dynamics, gender/sexual identity, and curricular development. These can with teachers alone, or in combination with students or administrators.




Curriculum Assessment

We do single or multi subject assessments and consulting with administrations, school districts, teachers, and students, to ensure that curriculum is culturally relevant and responsive to student needs and interests.

Video Curriculum

We’re in the process of building a long term digital library of relevant video curriculum on a wide variety of topics related to inequality, identity, and history. Videos are designed with and for students, for use in classrooms. These videos are often created as part of our long term partnerships with individual schools or organizations, and can be about generalized topics, or highly specific topics related to particular communities.

​Organizations We've  Worked With

New Urban Arts

Providence Public School District

Providence Student Union

First Works Dance Company

The Funk Underground



Video library made possible by funding from the Providence Public School Department, RICH, RISCA, and the Providence Mayor's Office

Let's work together.

If you want to help push the conversation in your community, we want to hear from you. Please contact us using the link below, and we'll be eager to answer any questions you may have.

We selected Pushed Learning and Media to headline a regional diversity conference, attended by hundreds of middle school students. . . and they were the perfect choice! Their performance provided a way for everyone to take part in a meaningful conversation about race, identity, and social justice.

Allynn Lodge
Middle School Diversity Director
Thayer Academy, MA

Eric and Oliver from Pushed Learning and Media connect with audiences of young people on so many levels. Their work together is spectacular and intriguing to students who immediately want to know the backstory of their friendship along with the story of Hip Hop. By entering meaningful and challenging conversations through performance art, Eric and Oliver build on the students' excitement and shared experience of music and invite them to dive deeply into an examination of culture, hip hop and identity from a whole new perspective.

Lydia Maier
Director of Student Affairs
Waynflete School, ME

We have a diverse student population and I rarely see all my students--from the local ones to the international ones--dancing, laughing, and learning together like they did with Pushed for our Diversity Field Day. I have had various speakers for this day over the years, and our students found Pushed Learning especially engaging and educational. I would recommend them to anyone trying to get to the heart of these difficult issues in a way that engages young people.

Caitlyn Zeller Oates
Director of Guidance
Pop John XXIII High School, MA