About Pushed Learning and Media

Pushed Learning and Media is a non-profit organization that strives to challenge our society into thinking more critically about the vitally important social and civil rights issues of our times. Our work is split into three major components:

1) Arts Based Performances, Presentations, and Workshops

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2) Short Educational Videos 

Pushed was founded in 2016 by Eric Axelman, Oliver 'SydeSho' Arias, and Nikolos Gonzales, a group of artists and educators committed to using performance and film to engage diverse audiences both in the US and abroad to promote critical thinking on the complexities of privilege, identity, and oppression wherever they manifest.


Eric Axelman, Oliver 'SydeSho' Arias, and Taylor Lomba lead the Arts Based Performance department. They have been working together since 2012 when they began collaboratively performing and teaching Hip Hop music and dance. They adhere to the bi-cultural/bi-racial teaching cohort model, which believes in the versatility and effectiveness of bi-cultural teaching teams to best reach a variety of multi-cultural audiences.


Their performances and talks focus mainly on identifying the forms and impacts of present-day segregation, oppression, and bias in forging modern American communities, and how various media impact perceptions of race in already segregated or racially homogeneous settings.


Nikolos Gonzales met Eric in college, where they began working on a series of arts and documentary films. They now lead the Documentary Film Department at Pushed. Pushed recently debuted our first batch of short form educational videos designed for classrooms.