"Using performance, multimedia, and facilitated dialogue to foster conversation, engagement, and resiliency around inequality, oppression, and identity."

Based in Boston, MA and Providence, RI. We visit schools, non-profits, and other organizations all over the east coast and midwestern US.


Oliver "SydeSho" Arias

Oliver 'SydeSho' Arias is co-executive director of Pushed Learning and Media. An accomplished educator, rapper, and Hip Hop dancer, SydeSho frequently dances and competes at the national level. Outside of PLM, he works with adults with disabilities. He's released one solo mixtape, as well as a mixtape with The Funk Underground, a Hip Hop collaboration with Eric Axelman and other artists. 

Nikolos Gonzales

Nikolos Gonzales is the documentary film director at Pushed Learning and Media. Based in Los Angeles, Nik's filmmaking career has centered around the arts and humanities, and he has worked on a variety of feature documentary films. 

Eric Axelman

Eric Axelman is the co- executive director of Pushed Learning and Media, as well as an educator, filmmaker, and Hip Hop performer. In addition to his work at Pushed, Eric is the co-executive director of Tikkun Olam Productions, where he focuses on documentary film work. 

Assi Coulibaly

Assitan ‘Assi’ Coulibaly is a Malian-American dancer, choreographer, and educator. Assi began training in West African dance with New Works/World Traditions at Brown University with whom she has performed and travelled worldwide. Much of her early work is greatly inspired by her Malian heritage and is highlighted by her fusion of Coupe Decalé, traditional West African, and Hip Hop dance and music styles. Her most recent work, Ne So, addresses the complexity surrounding refugee status, war, hope and hopelessness.

Taylor Lomba

Taylor Lomba is a bboy (breakdancer) of ten years, an educator, and a curriculum coordinator at Pushed Learning and Media. In 2015, Taylor graduated from Brown University, where he organized several Hip Hop-centered community outreach events, and led the student group Ground Breakin' to connect with and represent members of the greater Rhode Island community. Currently, Taylor teaches Hip Hop dance at Bridgewater State University, and runs dance classes/programs at various locations across Rhode Island and Massachusetts.


Kevin Rodriguez

Kevin Rodriguez is a multi-instrumentalist from Providence, RI and currently a Teaching Artist at Pushed Learning and Media. Kevin has been a guitarist and composer for 15 years and has been leveraging that experience with Pushed to engage students about intersectionality, identity, and social justice through creative curriculums. Kevin has taught workshops in Blues and Improvisation and its contributions to American civil rights. He has been a contributing performer and composer for Brown University’s New Works / World Tradition’s dance company and most recently for The Haus of Glitter. The current project uses performance art to challenge history’s reverence of known slave traders.

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